Yunsey Pomade For Men

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Yunsey Pomade For Men which provides control and definition as well as shine and softness.
The Yunsey Pomade for Men delivers a strong yet supple hold.
It maintains a natural texture while allowing you to get that sexy and wet appearance.
Yunsey Pomade For Men contains fixing agents which form a stiff water-resistant film on the hair, providing shine and softness as well as the desired hold.
It also has wetting agents which keep the hair moist while providing shine and slight suppleness.

Hold: 5 (0 soft; 6 strongest)
Wet looking: 
4 (0 matte; 6 most wet looking)
Easy to wash: 0 (0 easy; 6 difficult)
Recommend: 6 (0 not recommend; 6 highly recommend)
Simply add a dime- to quarter-sized amount of product to your fingertips.
Then, work the pomade through your hair.
Once the pomade is applied, use a comb to shape into the desired style.

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