Vigor Ionic Cream

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Sturz Ceramic Hair Straightener + Vigor Ionic Cream

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This product is not suitable to use before bleaching or coloring hair.
This product is not suitable for bleached and colored hair.
This product may cause damage to the hair.
For professional use only or under the guidance of professionals.
Shampoo hk cannot accept liability or pay any compensation/ refund where the product causes damage to the hair or cannot achieve the desired result.
Size: 1000ml + 1000ml

A revolutionary new service that alters and controls the curl pattern of naturally curly hair and removes the curl from permed hair.
Tames and smoothes frizzy hair.
Good smell.
Leaves hair in a healthy condition with unsurpassed shine and softness.
Fortified with silk fibers and botanicals to provide protection.
Long lasting.

  • Shampoo your hair 
  • Blow dry your hair
  • Comb straight
  • Apply part 1 evenly through the hair.Comb the relaxer straight through the hair during application.  
  • Leave for 20-30minutes(Normal or Resistant hair)Leave for 10-20minutes(Damaged or Chemically treated hair) 
  • After process complete, rinse thoroughly.
  • Blow dry your hair
  • Use flat iron (180c) to straighten hair section by section.
  • Apply part 2 evenly through the hair.Comb throughout neutralizer to ensure the hair is straight and leave for 10-15 minutes.  
  • Rinse thoroughly.
效果夠直, 頭髮用完都順滑, 我用咗半支, 一套可以用兩次, 抵用
唔錯, 效果好滿意, 用剩嗰d可以放幾耐?
我啲頭髮本來就傷曬, 但係用完之後都無明顯差咗, 又唔難聞, 大大支好抵用, 唔錯唔錯~
銝 撠用完好好我比5粒星..^^
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