Q & A

Please choose from one of the topics below:


Q1 Does shampoo.hk have retail shop?

Q2 Does all products from shampoo.hk are originals from manufacturers?

Q3 Does the prices listed on shampoo.hk match the prices in-store?

Q4 How long will it takes to receive my order goods?

Q5 I have placed an order 2 working days ago, why no one contact me?

Q6 How do I cancel the order form after it has been submitted?

Q7 Does shampoo.hk accept Credit Card payment?

Q8 Does shampoo.hk provide electronic products warranty ?

Q9 Can I place an order through email or by phone without joining shampoo.hk member?

Q10 I am sure that I have Shopping Points in my account, Why I cannot apply the Shopping Points toward my purchse when checkout?

Q11 Will additional discount be granted to customers with bulk purchases?

Q12 Does shampoo.hk provide wholesales service?




A1 Yes, you can press here to see our retail shop's location.




A2 Our online shop has an excellent reputation, all products from 
     shampoo.hk are authentic, we will not sell any fake products at any circumstances

     Shampoo.hk is more than an online store, customer can also visit
     our retail store. Customers can contact us directly if you encounter any problems or have questions regarding our products.

     Customer can also file a complaint with the corresponding governmental




A3 Yes, all products are of same price between our online shop and
     retail shop.




A4 After receiving your order, our staff will contact you to arrange
     the delivery within 1-2 working days.

    Please press here to see our delivery time table.




A5 By any chance, did you change your mobile phone number? Normally 
    we will respond to our customer within two working days after we
    received the orders from customers. However, the delay might be caused
    by the change of customer's contact information, please double check
    your contact info before sumiting your order. Please also contact us via
    e-mail if there is any change of your personal information.

    To ensure that your order has been submitted, please double check your
    shopping cart, if your ordered products are still in the shopping cart, that
    means the transaction has not been processed successfully.

    You should expect an email order confirmation from us if your order is
    being processed successfully. If you don't receive such confirmation,
    please double check your contact information to ensure that you have
    insert a correct email address.

    If no one contacts you after your order has been succesfully submitted
    for 2 working days, please contact us at 23844377.




A6 All cancellation can be done through e-mail or by phone. 
     No charge is required on cancellations.




A7 Yes, we accept Credit Card payment, and a handling fee of 5% on the
    gross settlement amount (Including postage) will be levied, and Credit
    Card payment must be through Paypal.





A8 Yes, we provide 90 days warranty for all electronic items. 




A9 Yes, you can, but you may lost the chance to earn the Shopping Points,
     whatsmore, to avoid to have a wrong order, we do not suggest customer
     to place an order through email or by phone.




A10 There may be two reasons:

      1.You do not have enough Shopping Points, because the minimum of 50
         point(HKD $5) is required in order to apply toward your purchases.

      2.Your purchase is below HKD$50, because minimum purchase amount
         required is set at HKD$50 if you wish to apply for your purchase.

      If you enconter the problem other than the two reasons mentioned above,
      please contact us immediately at 23844377





A11 Sorry, our discount has been granted through our Reward Point Program.
      Therefore, no additional discount will be offered, except for the listed
      discounted products.




A12 Yes, we do provide wholesale services. However due to the business 
        privacy, wholesales prices will only be granted to certified salon and
        hair beauty shops(a copy of Business Registration is required).