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Monaco Argan Oil

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Monaco Shampoo + Conditioner + Argan Oil

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Size: 100ml
Made in Taiwan, great for Asian hair.
Monaco Argan Oil is 100% naturally extracted by argan tree in Morocco.
It has an excellent effect on recovering damaged hair and strengthening elasticity.
It is a kind of oil hair treatment for all hair type, it can immediately absorb by hair.
Contains Argan Oil Omega 3/ Omega 9, 80% of unsaturated fatty acid & tocopherol, providing hair with elasticity and gloss, acting as a natural antioxidants , sunscreen and counteragent of radicals, repair extreme damaged hair, antistatic, instant smooth frizzy hair and non-greasy.












Use before and after:

Nourish: 6 (0 poor; 6 rich)
Greasy: 6 (0 greasy; 6 non-greasy)
Shinning: 4 (0 dull; 6 shiny)
Recommend: 6 (0 not recommend; 6 highly recommend)
Easier Blow-Dry: use a few pumps on damp hair to make blow-drying and styling thick, coarse hair faster & easier.

Hair Desiring Disciplined Movement: Apply a few pumps (depending on the hair length) through the mid-lengths and ends of damp hair.
Style as usual.

A Sleek Look: Apply a few pumps through damp hair.
After the blow-dry, flat iron hair into a sleek look and apply 1 pump on the ends of dry hair for added shine & frizz protection.
個職員話這個潤得來爽, 果然係喎, 幾好用, 謝謝那位職員小姐 ^^
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