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Lazulite Instant B5 Infant Complex

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Size: Complex 1:10ml   Complex 2:5ml  Complex 3: 100ml   Complex 4: 5ml   Complex 5:100ml

The patented Instant B5 Infant Complex four-fold combination formula was designed for severely damaged hair.
This deep-conditioning treatment instant repair, reorganise and rebuild the internal structures of your hair, thus fully repairing and regenerating dry, brittle hair plagued by split ends and a high level of protein and moisture loss, leaving hair light, supple, healthy and beautiful.

- Complex 1 and Complex 2:
contains vitamin B5, moisturising factors and all other necessary nutrients, helps to rebuild and repair the damaged hair structure.
- Complex 3/5:
With deep-moisturising treatment formula to strengthen the hair, increase the elasticity and toughness of your hair, and help to lock moisture and nutrients.
- Complex 4:
Helps to repair the damaged squamous surface, leave your hair miosture, soft and silky.

1)Wash and towel dry hair
2)Mix complex 1 and 2, and apply onto hair mid length and ends, massage, leave for 5-10 minutes, DO NOT rinse. 
3)Apply complex 3, massage, leave for 5-10 minutes, rinse thoroughly.
4)Apply complex 4 onto hair mid length and ends, massage, DO NOT rinse. 
5)Use complex 5 daily as a leave in treatment.

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