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Korea Style Digital Ceramic Ionic Crimping Iron (20mm)

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Cannot use at voltage 110V country.
The Korea Style Digital Ceramic Ionic Crimping Iron uses the power of positive ions to help repel particles from the air so your hair stays cleaner and healthier.
Its 20mm plates produce negative ions while sealing the cuticles and locking in your hair color creating a silky salon touch to any look.
This crimping iron adding texture and volume to your hair.
  • Industry’s Most Advanced “Ceramic Heating Element”
  • Nano-Silver Coated Dual Cover Keeps the Temperature of Handle Minimal
  • Up to 220℃
  • Digital Temperature System
  • 20mm Wide Heating Plates
Just plug in and wait 1-2 minutes for heat to begin.
Safety Information
Cannot use at voltage 110V country.
To avoid burn hazard, don't touch the heating plates while using the hair crimping iron.
Don't put it into the packing box when the plates are still heating.
Don't use water to wash the heating plates, just use a dry towel for clean up.
Switch off immediately after used.

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