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Inebrya Pro-Age Treatment

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Inebrya Ice Cream Pro Age Shampoo+Conditioner+Agran Oil

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Size: 100ml
Pro-Age restructuring Treatment with Argan Oil.
The specific synergy of its botanical active principles, derived from Jojoba and Sunflower oil, carry out an effective anti-age action to counter the formation of free radical scavengers.
The blend of the three Oils hydrates and nourishes lengths and tips to leave hair silky soft.
Its effective and weightless anti-frizz action helps prevent the formation of split ends.
Nourish: 6 (0 poor; 6 rich)
Greasy: 6 (0 greasy; 6 non-greasy)
Shinning: 4 (0 dull; 6 shiny)
Recommend: 6 (0 not recommend; 6 highly recommend)
• Pour some drops of Inebrya Pro-Age Treatment onto the palms of your hands and apply onto damp, towel-dried hair, dosing the quantity according to hair type, length and thickness.

• Use it on dry hair to discipline and add instant shine: its silky texture is rapidly absorbed, and doesn't add weight or leave residues in the hair.

• Do not rinse.

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