Bealite Magic Wave Ammonia Free Perm Lotion M2

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If you had an allergic reaction to a perm or other cosmetic product, DO NOT perm.
If your scalp sores, abrasions, or other abnormal conditions are present, DO NOT perm.
If lotion drips onto skin, gently blot the skin with a water-soaked cotton ball.
Do not allow wave lotion to come in contact with eyes.
If contact occurs, flush thoroughly with cool water.
This product is not suitable to use before bleaching or coloring hair.
This product is not suitable for bleached and colored hair.
This product may cause damage to the hair.
For professional use only or under the guidance of professionals.
Shampoo hk cannot accept liability or pay any compensation/ refund where the product causes damage to the hair or cannot achieve the desired result.
Size: 130ml+130ml

M2 is designed for damaged or color treated hair.
Bealite Magic Wave Ammonia Free Perm Lotion is a revolutionary permanent perm lotion, that has eliminated the use of hazardous chemicals.
Formulated without ammonia, it helps to improve the structure of the hair.
The neutralizer system contains plant amino acids, which soothes and conditions the hair, hair is left with a natural feel and shine.
Bealite Magic Wave Ammonia Free Perm Lotion is suitable for all hair types, even damaged hair or color treated hair.


  • DO NOT shampoo your hair 
  • Wrap the hair in rods
  • Thoroughly saturate each rod with wave lotion/perm solution.
  • Leave for 20-30minutes(Normal or Resistant hair)Leave for 10-20minutes(Damaged or Chemically treated hair) 
  • Rinse rods thoroughly for at least 7 minutes.
    This will remove all of the wave lotion and lessen the strength of the perm scent when complete.
    Perm lotion not completely rinse may cause chemical damage to the hair.
  • Apply neutralizing solution, leave for 10-15 minutes. 
  • After process complete, remove rods and rinse thoroughly.
Good smell, reasonable price, great product, Recommend ~~~
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